Our Mission

Since 2015, the Melbourne Music Analysis Summer School has been Australia's dedicated space for the study and sharing of music analysis. We bring together inspired staff, students, and practitioners for our week-long summer school in November and events throughout the year.

As an independent, not-for-profit association, MMASS is committed to great music and great teaching.

Matthew Lorenzon

executive director

Matthew Lorenzon is a musicologist and music journalist. His doctoral studies completed at the Australian National University focussed on a collaboration between the composer Xavier Darasse and the philosopher Alain Badiou. With interests in Australian music he also contributes to the small but dedicated field of Marshall-Hall studies. He is currently the Digital Producer, Education at ABC Classic FM and as a journalist has written for numerous publications including Music and Literature, RealTime, and Limelight Magazine. He likes to keep in touch with the music of his generation, to which end he edited the Partial Durations blog from 2013 to 2017. He founded the Melbourne Music Analysis Summer School in 2015.